The Books of Timothy Louis Baker

Fantastic Florida Fun

After a violent altercation with his stepfather, Mark Mitchell flees from Indiana to sunny Florida. While traveling there, he picks up hitchhiker Melissa Monroe and they become girlfriend and boyfriend. Telling her his story, she suggests that he come live with her and her father and work at the family orange grove. Instead of picking oranges, however, Melissa’s father, Al, enlists Mark in criminal activities well hidden under the shelter of the legal grove business. Heavily connected to the crime world, Mark is dragged in deeper and deeper; yet he tells Melissa that he would never turn her father over to the law. But then, Mark discovers evidence suggesting an incestuous relationship between father and daughter. Melissa cannot recall what is actually occurring because Al is doing something to alter her memory of the affair. Astonished and angered, Mark intends to take revenge on Al, who has now gone too far.

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Crime and Drugs on Trip City Street

At four years old, Kevin Gregory Wilson became a criminal on the streets of New York City. A planner, he began to organize a terrorist army when he was 10. By the time he was 40, Kevin was the most powerful man in the world and the huge amount of money he gained through organized crime allowed him to finally build his army.

Kevin’s army is now ready to launch an assault on U.S. military bases. Will the government discover Kevin Gregory Wilson’s New Army in time to stop it? Or will he overpower the U.S. troops and then the entire world to rule it as a criminal empire?

Crime and Drugs on Trip City Street offers a chilling scenario, one that could possibly well happen in today’s world of billion dollar money transfers that occur in the blink of an eye.

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Where North Meets South and East Meets West

Growing up on the family farm, I worked a man’s day early on and so I expected to live a grown-up man’s life early on also.
At an early age, I teased a boy at school, who professed to be a warlock. I didn’t know it at the time, but the warlock’s brother was a cop, a crooked cop among many others during that time period and of that locale. I had a mysterious car crash that night following my mockery of that “male witch” and I have always attributed it to that incident earlier that day at school. I was almost killed; and if I hadn’t hit the accelerator pedal a moment before the impact of my car with a telephone pole, I would be dead long before now. I was 16 then.
I soon wound up on drugs and as a criminal. In retrospect, it seems that being on the wrong side of the jailhouse bars is preferable to being dead, murdered by a syndicate of dishonest law enforcement officials, probation officers, a judge, and the original warlock that apparently got all of the rest involved, combined with their ruffian henchmen, often paid to be hit men conspiring to murder me specifically or any other dark chore those illegally operating law officers conspired combined with them to do for them.
I also hitchhiked all across the land and additionally lived in the mountains off and on for several years.
Finally, the largest contributing factor to my life were the supernatural experiences that have occurred to me for most of my life, including but not exclusively: being in two places at the same time, traveling from one spot to another without ever physically traversing the distance between, time travel from one day to another and then a third day without the sun ever setting on me between, parallel universe visits and returning to this earth, and finally a living, waking, physical, ascension into Heaven and return to life on this earth as we now know it.

My Life’s History in Poetry

One long continuous poem about such an unique life with no sentence structure punctuation and every line rhymes with another line in the same general vicinity. Times spent on the family farm, crime, drugs, hitchhiking, mountainous living and supernatural events occurring throughout.


Wilderness Generations

Short Stories chronologically arranged with a different set of characters in a separate location about the men, women and children withing the wilderness starting in the early 1800’s moving to current day times. Fur trappers, explorers, pioneers, settlers, Indians, all have a story told about them that will leave you with the impression that you were there with them.

American Lives Past

Short Stories comprised of the lives and times of mountain men, pioneers, settlers, Indians and at times even criminals chronologically placed from the 1700’s to WW II with each story in a separate place setting.

An Experience Heaven Sent

The condensed version of my autobiography An Experience Heaven Sent tells about my life beginning on my father’s farm, escalating into the crime and drug world, hitchhiking and living in the mountains. All the while I am pursued by an illegally operating syndicate of law enforcement officials conspiring with their ruffian henchmen to murder me. The only thing that finally stops this was An Experience Heaven Sent.