If Walls Could Scream By Laura Burke

If Walls Could Scream is a murder mystery that starts out as quietly as the small speck on the map of its Southern town, and blossoms into a far-reaching nightmare. It will grab you before you even know you’re caught!

Sweeping apple orchards and dogwood trees line the rich mountain farmland of rural North Carolina. As winter comes and snow covers the ground, the trees lose their leaves and their bare limbs stretch toward the sky. But behind this pretty scene, something else is being lost and covered by the winter snows. One after another, several young high school girls go missing during apple picking season. This peaceful Carolina town appears to have a serial killer on the loose.

The race is on to find the killer before more girls disappear, but local police are stymied. A terrible snow storm hampers the search, as the FBI is called in to help. It’s discovered that the killings actually started in Arkansas, and then crept eastward to North Carolina, and finally to Georgia.