The Illustrated Mind of Mike Reeves by Asa Jones

Mike’s wife is raped in her own home one night whilst he is out with a friend. Consumed with guilt he decides never to leave her alone again, and delves into the solitary hobbies of divination. This is done using the ancient methods of Tarot, Runes, and I Ching. He is guided by two spirit guides, Sean and Debbie. Sean sees to his development, and Debbie to his sexual frustration. Naturally gifted in ‘The Arts’ he goes on an amazing voyage of discovery. Unfortunately the real world does not let go easily. Tony, a gangster who himself dabbles in dark magic arts crosses his path, because Mike is his old girlfriend’s boss. Tony’s jealousy consumes him, and he goes into spiritual conflict with Mike, using a very powerful weapon… temptation. Monica (Tony’s ex), her best friend Maddi and Christine, a line manager, are all placed provocatively in his path, with dire consequences. Set in Derbyshire, England, at the turn of the millennium, and leading to other spiritual worlds, Mike has to deal with many perils. Join him on his journey through love and conflict. Read the accounts of his readings and travels, all the way to a spiritual war of magic!