Read-Rhyme-Remember: A Poetic Overview of the Book of Genesis by Arloa L. Means

978-1-60860-814-0-AMeansCoverAbout the Book

Read-Rhyme-Remember contains all the major stories in the book of Genesis beginning with Creation. We see how the world began and how God provided a perfect and beautiful existence for his creations including man and woman.

We come to understand how mankind failed to follow God’s laws and lost the good life. So began the long journey of trial and blessing, allowing us to someday find our way back to God and the perfect world He intended for us from the beginning.

As we go through these stories, we are introduced to many people, places and times, which help us to understand what God requires of us and what we can do to find favor with Him once again. There are many wonderful stories about real people just like us throughout the Bible, and this is where it all began.

Times and places may have changed, but man remains the same. What God promises, He will perform, and therein lies our hope.

About the Author

Arloa L. MeansBorn in San Antonio, Texas, first-time author Arloa L. Means is a published song writer and has written libretto and music in the form of musical plays. She plans to write a series of Bible story books. “Some of the Old Testament books would not be as easily told in this way, but I believe there are stories within each book to remain true to the series. I was moved to write this as a way to interest young people and children in learning more about the Bible, and since I write poetry, I have always found it easier to remember things that rhyme.”