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Runt and Mumble: A Tale of Love and War

Can a small rat and a large mouse make it together in a tough world? In the brilliantly told story Runt and Mumble: A Tale of Love and War, rats and mice take on human characteristics. They bully, fight, make friends and end up having the same dilemmas as people, but all with a political undertone.

Runt is a small and gentle rat, which makes him an easy target for abuse by the other rats. Mumble is an overgrown mouse, whose slowness and large girth make her a laughingstock among the other mice. A chance meeting by these two outcasts creates an unlikely friendship, as well as the chance to break away for a new life out on their own. Will they succeed?

Although rejected by their own societies, Runt and Mumble’s relationship sparks a war between rats and mice as they fight for ultimate control over food and territory. Runt and Mumble is a thoughtful tale with deep undertones. View the Press Release

978-1-62212-789-4-AApperleyCoverGoodnight, Elsie

When his wife Elsie is nearly killed after stepping out in front of a moving car and is then diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Frank Herbert finds himself faced with the dilemma of his life; is it more or less merciful to let Elsie go on living in this terrible state, or to euthanize her and put an end to her misery? Torn by his love for his wife and his despair over watching her deteriorate mentally and physically, Frank wrestles with his quandary, seeking opinions from people on both sides of the euthanasia debate. Elsie’s situation forces Frank to contemplate serious questions; should euthanasia be legal? Is it morally correct? What about the afterlife?

Feeling as if he will be unable to live without Elsie, Frank also contemplates taking his own life. Ultimately he is confronted by the need to make a decision; is it mercy to end the suffering of the one you love, or is it murder?

Goodnight, Elsie is a riveting novel that deals with both sides of the euthanasia debate, while also casting a light on the sad phenomenon of dementia and how if affects the lives of those we care for. View the Press Release

About the Author

Anton Apperley resides in Auckland, New Zealand. He has authored one previous book entitled Runt and Mumble. Goodnight, Elsie was inspired by the debate over euthanasia, the public’s lack of understanding about Alzheimer’s disease, and the death of the mother of a friend who suffered from dementia.