The Friendly Rubbish Monsters By Anna Peters

About the Book and the Author


A story of magic and adventure begins when a clumsy fairy named Fizzle gets trapped in a bag of rubbish.

The bag gets thrown into the back of the rubbish truck. It splits open. Fizzle escapes, darting to and fro to avoid the various black bags being tossed her way. In her panic, she doesn’t notice the BIG explosion. Her fairy dust gets spilt over the rubbish, transforming it into The Friendly Rubbish Monsters!

Inside the rubbish truck, the rubbish starts to move. Monsters dig their way out and jump off the truck. But Sweetness, a child-like milk bottle, is too scared to jump, and gets left behind. Three children named Sam, Tom and Emma promise to help rescue her. Will they be able to find Sweetness or will she be lost forever?

Author Biography

Anna Peters is from Kent, England, and the mother of five. Her three oldest play the parts of the three kids in the book. She is studying child psychology.

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