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Solidarity – The Beginnings

In 1958, Lee Thompson, his parents, and his older brother move to Columbus, Indiana, after the two brothers get into a squabble with local white boys who have been bullying them.

Once settled in their new surroundings, the family must start over, making it difficult for Lee to adjust. His life changes when he befriends Addison, a white girl and a fellow classmate. They quickly become inseparable. The following year, Addison and her family move to Switzerland, making Lee believe they will never see each other again.

Fast forward four years. Lee is attending his first year of high school, where he meets Sam, another white girl, but with a wild character. The following year, he befriends another white girl, Julie, who becomes special to him. By the end of the first semester of their sophomore year, Lee is afraid of anyone finding out about his relationship to Julie, especially his highly conventional father, who would not approve.

Lee is in for a shock when Addison and her family move back to town and the two reunite. But Lee’s friendship with Julie makes Addison jealous and possessive. Fortunately, Julie’s warm and tenderhearted nature wins Addison over.

Lee’s circle of close friends becomes complete in his junior year, when he befriends Taylor, a white boy in his gym class. But Lee is still struggling with his growing affection for Julie and his discomfort keeping secrets from his father.

Teen angst plays out in the racially charged days of the 1960s in Solidarity: The Beginnings.

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The year 1967 was a time of great strife, conflict, division … and hope. In one rural
Indiana town, five teenagers of different races and backgrounds are about to graduate
high school and experience the world on their own.

This circle of close friends have enjoyed their childhoods together, but they are about
to experience life-changing events when Lee, a young black man, is unwillingly
drafted into the Army, leaving his love interest, Julie, the young white woman he’s
grown attached to, and their three close white friends whom he considers his brother
and sisters.

The couple shares a hidden romance, not daring to tell their parents, yet knowing that
someday they’ll have no choice. While enduring the dramatic privations of the
Vietnam War, Lee’s friends back home are all occupied with college and work, but
soon they will also be affected by the underlying tides of the times involving the war
protests in Chicago as well as working for a suspected crime boss, and an
introspective outlook on who they are as individuals and what they truly mean to each

Their relationships will be tested in the conflicts to come, and their destinies will be
written in stone that will last forever.

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Between the Lines

Saul Jenkins is a new detective just learning the ropes, and he’s already seen his fair share of crime and danger. His boss and most trusted confidant, the Chief, has been his conscience through thick and thin.

One day, after a secret meeting with the FBI, the Chief has a special assignment for him. Saul is picked to take part in a top secret undercover science experiment. He is supposed to go under the knife and have his mind transferred into a seriously injured young woman’s head!

In the fascinating novel Between The Lines, the idea is for Saul to become Isabelle Windlow, the daughter of a wealthy arms supplier. Reluctantly accepting the assignment, Saul puts himself into a task that could rewrite history. After the operation, he learns to adjust being a different person.

Saul’s time in the new body can only last a week, during which he must uncover a possible terrorist plot from a suspected terrorist cell that has placed a large order for undocumented weapons. At the secret sales meeting, Saul reports back what takes place. But Saul, as Isabelle, realizes there could be more happening than he was told, and starts doing his own undercover work. Will Saul thwart the terrorists and escape from his imprisonment that rests Between The Lines in Isabelle’s mind?

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The Children of White River


In the small rural community of White River, an old native settlement close to Route 66 in New Mexico, a small city hall and town square, shops, and houses decades old make up the main thoroughfare.

A young African American boy, Raymond Chisnek, is an orphan adopted by Henry (Big Bear) Smart, a Native American resident of White River, who also has another adopted child, Iris Padillo, a Native American. The three become a family, even though they are of mixed heritage.

The first few months are difficult for Raymond, as he tries adjusting to his new residence, but his adoptive father and overprotective adoptive sister make him feel as if he has always belonged.

The town mayor, Rutherford B. Simms, is a stern man who loves to intimidate to gain power. His family runs three successful businesses that provide both revenue and jobs for the community, so he feels justified that he has total control over White River.

As an opportunity for more financial gain emerges, the Simms family needs Smart’s support. When their offer is rebuffed, tension builds between both households, placing Raymond and Iris squarely in the crosshairs of the Simms, who view them as rotten little scoundrels. Their silly, but innocent past antics come to haunt them, as both the Simms and Smart children prove that White River isn’t big enough for both of them.