Miracle in the Sky by Anders Gustavsson

About the Book

Miracle in the Sky is the first part of a sci-fi trilogy chronicling the life of Quincy Rhames.

His father always told Quincy that he was destined for greatness. From the very first, Quincy showed a strong will to overcome all obstacles. He was a top student and star athlete in high school, and when the time comes to choose a career, he heads to the red planet to become an interstellar law enforcer.

Along with Sheldon, a longtime friend determined to prove he’s more than just a bookworm, the two set off to battle crooks in space. The two buddies face three years away from everyone on Earth, experiencing hardships that mold one of them into a hardened man of the law. Thrust into the brink of an interstellar revolution, as Earth becomes part of a community beyond the boundaries of its solar system, what is in store for these two young men?

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About the Author

Anders Gustavsson is a personal trainer in Helsingborg, Sweden.