The Inspiration Behind My Angel Book

Believe it or not, I wrote The Day An Angel Ran Into My Room book 20 years ago. At the time, I was going through a rough period in my life and my sister, Lilia, had the brilliant idea for me to come down and visit her with my 2 girls (who were then 5 and 6 months old) down in Monterrey, Mexico where she lived.  And that is where I lived for about 2 months.  Well the room we were staying in had an old clunky computer.

So when everyone was asleep at night I would start tapping away writing and what came out was a book about a little girl that had a visitor and that visitor happened to be an angel.  But I didn’t start thinking “I’m going to write about angels”, it just came to me. You can say I was “inspired”.

As I had recently had my two kids, what I did know was that when they are born, children are vulnerable yet perfect and that somewhere along the lines as we raise them, the best way we know how,  the messages get all garbled and they move further and further away from source.  So the inspiration for the story was my 2 kids.  As a matter of fact, the main character is based upon my daughter Alessandra who was 5 at the time.

At the same time, I was inspired by the spiritual teachings that I was learning. I had just been immersing myself in a series of inspirational cassettes by bestselling author Wayne Dyer called” You’ll See It When You Believe it” which are all about personal transformation and seeing the world from a different perspective. And I thought to myself.  “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if kids could learn all of these important spiritual lessons at an early age???” And that’s how the The Day An Angel Ran Into My Room  transformed itself into an inspirational tale for kids that transcends any religion or culture.

So what came out is the story of a little girl who asks her mother if she can stay up for “only five more minutes” and gets a wonderful surprise,  a visit from Angelisse, her guardian angel. The angel looks so childlike that it is easy for the little girl to relate to it.  The angel then proceeds to impart all types of secrets and wisdom in a light, non-preachy way which explains how very important every person is in the universe and teaches Alessandra many other magical things such as the power of visualization and the law of cause and effect, among other things.

Well, when I finished the manuscript, I approached many literary agents and media and got about 100 rejection letters since who knew about Anabelle Valenzuela??? Of course in my mind the rejections seemed to be about 400…. So, since my little heart could not take that much rejection, I simply put the manuscript back into my closet and “forgot” about it for about 18 years ago. Then about 2 years ago, one day I was on Facebook and saw an ad that almost seemed meant for me. It said” Have you written a book and would like to see it published?” and I’m saying in my mind “Yeah”. Well one thing led to another and I then sent the publisher my manuscript and they agreed to represent little old Anabelle Valenzuela. Who would have thought??

Like Victor Hugo used to say” There is no idea, like the idea whose time has come.” And I truly believe that. I wrote this book 20 years ago, long before angels were popular and before “The Secret”. So there was really no interest whatsoever in angels but the times have changed. Go into any bookstore nowadays and you can see books about little kids having gone to heaven and seen angels and heaven (Heaven is For Real). I also was very surprised to read that in a poll done by the Associated Press in 2011, 8 out of 10 Americans believe in angels. I strongly believe that the timing is right now. Because after all, here we are…