The Examiner: “This children’s book is a keeper therefore THE DAY AN ANGEL RAN INTO MY ROOM may become a classic”

Kiddos Magazine: Chosen as Publisher’s Favorite Children’s Book. “This book is dedicated to all kids especially those that do not have anyone. It is a very inspirational story that I recommend to anyone that believes!” By Veronica Lepere, Publisher

Awareness Magazine: “This book opens up opportunities to discuss big ideas with children in a loving and gentle way.” pg. 34

Midwest Book Reviews
“I have to say that this book grabbed my heart right from the start. This is one of those books that every parent should share with their child. It will certainly help them to understand that what they say, what they think, and what they do, has an impact throughout their lives. Great read, recommended.”

“This is a must read book for all children. What child hasn’t asked for five more minutes? This book teaches children security, comfort, and joy. All the lessons presented by the guardian angel teach children that they are never alone and that they have an inner power of their own to succeed. It is a good lesson for parents as well.” By Amanda, Amazon Reviews.

“It is a beautiful yet simple story. The Day an Angel Ran into my Room highlights love and spiritual growing. The author has dared to deal with these paramount matters in an artful way so young children can understand the blessing of having their own Guarding Angel guiding them.” By Saide, Amazon Reviews.

“The Day an Angel Ran into my Room is a story of love and spiritual teaching for young children. With its beautiful illustrations and simple language it shows children that we are always being guided and protected by our guardian angel. It’s a book any child will love and want to read many times.” By Sandra Averhoff, Amazon Reviews

“This childrens book is like none other and a MUST read for kids. Its beautifully written in a way that can get children to learn about angels and get in touch with their spiritual side. Its a cute and entertaining story about children and has beautiful pictures, allowing the readers to become engaged. Amazing author, amazing book.” By Dani, Amazon Reviews.

“Sensitively written and beautifully illustrated, this book answers many important life-issue questions for young children. It also helps a child understand the importance of parental guidance and makes God a reality in his or her life. Highly recommended!” By Susan Conroy, Amazon Reviews.