The Reel of the Hanged One by Alan Markland

About the Book

The Reel of the Hanged One is a thrilling novel written by a seafaring man about an injustice done long ago at sea. Now retired, author Alan Markland sailed the seven seas to come up with this stirring tale about one of the last men to be hung at the yardarm of his ship.

In 1930s Malta, the son of a naval officer discovers the grave of a Royal Marine private. As a boy, Rob grew up amid rumours regarding the execution of his relative and vows to find the facts. Years later, he receives an inheritance from a long-deceased grandmother. Within her meagre possessions are some shocking clues about the truth behind the hanging. As Rob and his wife Jane uncover over a century of conspiracy, cover up and government deceit, he realizes that dark forces will do anything to stop them from exposing the truth.

Will Rob be able to finally get justice and tell the world what really happened all those years ago, or will he be silenced forever? The Reel of the Hanged One presents a chilling dilemma. View the Press Release

About the Author

Alan Markland was born in Lancashire, England. As a young man, he set out to sea. He is widely travelled and has lived and worked on all the major continents as well as on some remote islands. Retired from the sea, he returned to Lancashire, where he continues to travel overland and often by unconventional means. The Reel of the Hanged One is the author’s first novel. He is currently working on another one loosely based on his adventures at sea and overland.