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Ascension on the Wings of a Tale

This rich collection of contemporary short stories will sweep readers into the heat and passions of the Arabian world. The unique rhythm of each tale combines to create a collection that brings about greater understanding.
From the opening tale, where a lovestruck woman plots to attract her neighbor, to the trials of a young woman braving a war zone to retrieve medication for her mother, this anthology is filled with themes and emotions that readers from all over the world will relate to.

The writing styles are diverse. The story of a mythical bird, the arfaj, is reminiscent of Aesop’s Fables. There are even touches of the supernatural, as one author spins the story of a student who gets ethereal assistance preparing his graduate thesis.

“It is very easy to simplify, stereotype, and misunderstand cultures that we are unfamiliar with. In choosing the pieces for translation, Abdallah Altaiyeb presents a society, family dynamics, and perspectives that, in many ways, mirror our lives in the West. Translating someone else’s work is a monumental task. Doing it well is an artform. This is a masterful job of choosing stories that paint vivid pictures that know no borders.” – Gene Gumbs, journalist and author

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On the Weave of the Sun

The breathtaking imagery and heart-stopping drama of Arabic literature is translated by Abdallah Altaiyeb in this engrossing anthology. Seen through the eyes of intimate consciousness and rare perspective, On the Weave of the Sun is a treat that will infinitely deepen your understanding of this fascinating culture.

All the stories are contemporary and take place in different cities of the Arabic world. The rich collection of tales transports you to the heat and dust of the desert, and the romance and passions hidden there. The music and rhythm of each story are distinctive, yet the words come together to make a beautiful and most unforgettable collection.

With themes of love and loss, of fear and recrimination, the inner pain and turmoil in the wake of conflict and violence, I was left pining for the lives of the characters who lived within these pages.” – Johnathan Lewis, award-winning British author

The stories in On the Weave of the Sun are distinctive and capture unique moments that will resonate with readers everywhere.

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About the Author

Abdallah Altaiyeb is a poet, novelist, short story writer, essayist, and translator in several languages. He was born and raised in Medina on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. He studied chemical engineering, earned both MBA and DBA degrees, and worked as a manager for the national oil company, Saudi Aramco. His first translated anthology, On the Weave of the Sun, presented great Arabic literature to the world, and was called an exhilarating treasure chest of short stories, resonating with readers everywhere.