Myth by Aaron Steiner

cvAbout the Book

Myth tells the “how and why” of human origins. Reflecting the true definition of the word myth, the story addresses issues that arise between the first humans and their extraterrestrial reptilian creators, the Anunaki.

Coming to ancient Earth from the star system of Sirius B to obtain gold and other natural resources, the Anunaki establish an outpost and spaceport named Edin. This outpost is also a massive enclosed habitat that contains off-world plants of many varieties.

When a disgruntled mining force rebels, a decision to create a workforce is made. By mixing their own DNA with the native monkey-man, the Anunaki gestate a small, half-mammal, half-reptilian worker named the Lulu. The Lulu are an effective workforce until their lifespan runs out, being incapable of reproducing on their own.

Recreating their Lulu workforce is deemed tedious, so a decision is made to add DNA from the star system of Lyra, resulting in the human race.

Removed from the human experiment early on, the first female, Lilith, seeks out personal empowerment while ultimately becoming considered an equal among the Anunaki elite. Thus begins the tale of Myth.

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