Battle for the Ball: Fight for the Right to Live

by Aaran B

About the Book

Trapped deep inside a cavern, a young prince and princess become leaders in the fight for their people’s survival. This sci-fi fantasy pits the 13 year olds against the “Masters,” who have enslaved the planet.

In Battle for the Ball, the queen of the world explains how the royals came into being and the role they play. The prince and princess must grow up fast if they are to succeed as leaders in this epic fight for survival. Located inside the cavern are cauldrons containing a computer known as the guardians, those put on the planet as slaves to cultivate it for the Masters, beings who plan to kill the slaves when their task is complete.

The young prince and princess set about finding these cauldrons buried deep underground, so their people have to learn new technologies and a new way of thinking that will defeat the guardians and win their survival. The showdown has come in the Battle for the Ball. Who will prevail?

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About the Author

Aaran B worked in the steel industry from the age of 15 years old. He later became a machinist. In the 1980s, the steel industry collapsed, forcing him to seek another direction starting a carpet sales, fitting and carpet cleaning service. He also became a teacher of American line dancing, until his retirement. Being an avid science fiction reader, he turned his hand to writing.