The All-Write Winsome Collections

by Winsome Mary Payter

About The All-Write Winsome Collection of Poetry and Prose

9781681811574-Perfect.inddThe All-Write Winsome Collection of Poetry and Prose by Winsome Mary Payter is diverse in content. Although it is fiction, many of the stories and poems in the book are based on observing true life.

There are almost 100 poems and stories, providing an entertaining read for all ages. Some are exciting, some are uplifting, and one is written from an animal’s point of view. One story is about a young Iraqi woman caught up in the Twin Towers disaster and how she eventually overcomes her fear.

About The  All-Write Winsome Collection of Short Stories

9781622121786-Perfect.inddThe All-Write Winsome Collection of Short Stories features “The Abduction of Amy Sellers,” in which a young woman hires her body out as a surrogate mother to a wealthy middle-aged American couple who are childless.

She miscarries but keeps up the pretence that she is still pregnant. When the time arrives for her to give birth, she goes to one of the biggest hospitals in the country and abducts a baby girl, with dire consequences.

In another story, a chance meeting by an unemployed teenage boy and a young mother with small children turns his life around.

There are just over one hundred short stories, very diverse in content. Some are exciting, some uplifting, and some are written from an animal’s point of view, which can be most amusing. All in all, The All-Write Collection is totally entertaining!

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Mary’s Reflections

Inspired by real events, Mary’s Reflections tells the story of a very strong woman who survives many hard knocks. Mary’s life spans two world wars as she goes from rags to riches.

This heartfelt novel follows Mary from her poor childhood to old age as a wealthy woman. It portrays her life as a servant, her family dramas, loves and losses, and war survival.

I was filled with apprehension. What had I done to be summoned to an audience with the mistress? Would I be sacked? A hundred thoughts entered my mind as I made my way to her sitting room and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” she called.

“Mary,” she said as she came towards me, “your father has just been to see the butler who has informed me that you are not to go home this Sunday on your day off. Your little sister Bertha has been taken with diphtheria. She went quite quickly in your mother’s arms. I’m afraid, with the exception of Frank, all your brothers and sisters have got it.”

About the Author

Winsome Mary Payter was born in Biggin Hill, Kent, England, where she was primarily educated at Jail Lane School, a church school. At age eleven, her family moved to Christchurch in Hampshire, where she continued her education until she left school at age fourteen. She started work as a costing clerk until her family moved again a year later. She changed careers and became a tracer in the drawing office at the Ministry of Defence in Malvern, Worcestershire, until she married at twenty-one.

She then worked for The Mining Engineering Co. doing home tracing. The author moved with her family to Loughborough, where she became a counter assistant in a sub-post office. She and her husband have three daughters and a son. Always an avid reader, she started to compose her own stories to narrate to her children. Once retired, she started to write in earnest and has written two romantic novels. The All-Write Winsome Collection of Short Stories was published in 2013.