The Wind and the Spirit by William Kevin Stoos

About the Book

Jacob, a young black boy from Ghana, sees a shimmering white figure surrounded by a brilliant gold aura above the altar when the priest elevates the bread and wine. After mass, he asks his teacher: “Did you see the Big Man?” and learns no one else did. Jacob’s priest tells him the vision meant that one day Jacob too would become a priest. Two decades later, Father Jacob is installed as a priest in the very church where he saw the Big Man.

The year 2010: A Man of Science claims that, by mixing four chemicals together, he can recreate the origins of human life. “I have taken the mystery out of life,” he boasts. One night his study is interrupted by a mysterious stranger who asks a question about the universe that science cannot answer, before he disappears into the darkness leaving the Man of Science speechless.

Steeped in self-doubt and questioning whether he has accomplished all that God intended for him, a man is visited by a Bachman’s Sparrow, singing from the lowest branch of the tiniest tree, and learns that contentment lies in singing your song from whatever branch God gave you.

About the Author

Second in a series by Catholic author WILLIAM KEVIN STOOS, The Wind and the Spirit: Stories of Faith and Inspiration is an inspiring collection of these and other short stories, illustrating how the Holy Spirit speaks through people, circumstances, and serendipitous events, proving once again that Coincidence is the name God uses when He wants to remain anonymous.

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