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The Secrets of UDA: United Dwarf Alliance_ The Telling Tree

The Secrets of UDA: United Dwarf Alliance is a new and inventive science fiction tetralogy based on the nine Dwarf Clans and the current uprising of evil.

The date is 1001 a.u. and the evil Verlod have been attempting to grab their place in history by perverting the minds of Dwarfs. Their master is Archbishop Haridan, the leader of the Monastery of Fordosheol, and the most feared figure in the known world.

Young Delko is naive and foolish. His playful frame of mind has long gotten him into trouble. He is unaware that greatness has been hunting him down. He is about to be chosen as the next Advocate and will find himself in an adventure he never would have chosen. He will learn the ways of magic, the Sword of Truth, and that he must defend the future of the United Dwarf Alliance. The lives of every Dwarf, Elf, and Druid will be changed … but evil has another plan.

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The Secrets of UDA: United Dwarf Alliance Book 5
Escape from the Monastery of Fordosheo

Jarema-BelcherCoverWeb1012 AU: At the command of the Caves of Longevity, Delko and companions have been led into the hands of the evil Verlod, sent undercover in order to destroy the Monastery of Fordosheol, and assassinate Archbishop Haridan.

The Archbishop’s ruthless army of Racers, Warriors, and Goblins has quickly laid waste to the northern lands, already conquering the North Door of the Cave Dwarfs and splitting the Eastern Continent in two.

King Sam-Sam is pinned within the City of White Stone and the plan of evil is now fully beginning to reveal itself. The Archbishop’s son, Despot, has stolen two of the keys to the Emerald Doors leading into the realm of the Dragons. But why? If Delko cannot destroy the Monastery and conquer the Archbishop, all will be lost. Or is it already too late?

The Secrets of UDA: United Dwarf Alliance: Book 6: Lord Despot and the Goblin Invasions

Delko and his companions escaped the Monastery of Fordosheol, having conquered Archbishop Haridan and his evil minions. Now they must face a more dastardly foe: Despot, the son of Archbishop Haridan. Despot plans to steal the last of the four keys that will open one of the Emerald Doors, which provides entrance into the forbidden lands of the Elemental Dragons.

Thestral has been dwelling in the underworld for over two thousand years awaiting his rebirth. Despot magically impregnates Princess Adi, who gives birth to Thestral. Thestral will even sacrifice his mother to release the creatures from the dark abyss, so he can conquer the Cave Dwarfs, annihilate the Elf Queendom, and steal the last of the four keys from the Druids to help his father Despot open an Emerald Door.

Despot and Humford, a previous governor for the School of Dark Magic, create an alliance with the mother of the underworld, Saligia, who will unleash each of her seven children to create havoc and devastation among the nine dwarf clans, reducing their ability to aid the Druids, the Elf Queendom, and the Cave Dwarfs.

About the Authors

William J. Jarema is the director/founder of the Mercy Center, a holistic place of healing ( He is the published author of six books and is a renowned world wide speaker. He is an avid science fiction reader and envisioned the book series while on a mission in England.



Joshua W. Belcher (co-author) has worked in the grocery industry for the past 15 years. His many wild travels have taken him from London, to Georgia where he lived with Trappist Monks, all the way to the Bering Sea on a fishing Trolley. He is an avid hiker and biker. He has a passion for science fiction.