Gem: The Season of Prophecy by Victoria Leeman

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The Prophecy of the Sidhe, which foretells the Underworld’s contest for Earth and the threat to the powers of Gem, sets forth Gaia the Earth Mother to rally her protectors with the African tribes in an effort to once and for all clear the divide of gods and men.

The 10th-century heroic fantasy Gem: The Season of Prophecy tells of Protector gods, the African Jaba tribes, and the vile armies of Hell in their epic battle for Earth. Bakari, an African Marinda warrior, dreams of predicting the monsoon, and summons the Sorcerer Cagin. Aligned with Hades and ever plotting for world domination, Cagin grants Bakari’s wish, but it must be repaid. Gaia the Earth Mother discovers Bakari’s secret and empowers him as the Spirit God of the Seasons. When Gaia births her Gem daughters, Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire, Bakari swears to protect them from the Underworld. Bakari knows the crystal formation of Gem is the Earth’s only hope. He unites with the Protector gods, Fairy Clans, and an enslaved king, on his heroic path to defend Gem and the Earth, and clear the divide of gods and men.

Like his ancestors before him, Bakari and his brothers band together as warriors to fight for honor, for tribe, and for Gem. Join Bakari in his ancient quest. Earth’s future is at stake!

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About the Author

Victoria LeemanVictoria Middleton, writing as Victoria Leeman, works in marketing for a retail group in Sydney, Australia. With a fine arts background, she has ventured into many fields, including business management, the arts, and sales. The mother of two daughters, she loves to read almost everything, from ancient history to fantasy. This is her first published novel.