Gonna Lay Down My Sword and Shield: A Complexity Perspective on Human Evolution from a Violent Past to a Compassionate Future by Victor R. D. MacGill

About the Book

Gonna Lay Down My Sword and Shield suggests how we can create a better world.

“This book is a part of my spiritual quest to understand the nature of being human. I saw our use of violence as the biggest impediment to our spiritual development and many simple unrealistic answers as to how to get past violence,” says author Victor R.D. MacGill. “What I offer is only a very small part of the jigsaw puzzle that will help us move into the future.”

Gonna Lay Down My Sword and Shield is a clarion call to all people weary of warring ways and seeking broader, more humane and compassionate comprehension of the world. With poetic insight and scientific understanding, MacGill provides an accessible entrée for the thinking and caring person wishing to make sense of an increasingly complex and apparently chaotic world. MacGill provides perspective and example to illuminate the emerging realities of our times, ones which call for our highest potential to transcend the myths of struggle and strife by reaching for ones that elevate the human spirit and celebrate the human being. This is a book for the evolutionary human, the one who wishes to take on the mantle of evolutionary co-creator with all of life on Earth, and as such, is essential reading for our times.”
Alexander Laszlo, Ph.D., President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS)

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About the Author

Raised in New Zealand, Victor R.D. MacGill is now a Ph.D. student undertaking a research project utilizing complex systems. This is his second book and was fifteen years in the making.

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