The Cheaters, The Wife, The Revenge by Verona J. Knight

About the Book

Revenge Can Be Sweet,
But Sometimes the
Road There Is Even Sweeter

What’s the best way for a wife to get revenge when she discovers that her husband is cheating? Find out in the scintillating new novel The Cheaters, The Wife, The Revenge.

When Jenny, a loyal housewife and mother, suspects her husband of infidelity, she goes under the radar to discover the truth. Unhappy with what she learns, she decides to start her own affair in an act of revenge. Her affair proves to be intoxicating, and filled to the brim with excitement and sex. But she learns that cheating also provides much more than she ever bargained for!

Once you’re a cheater, life is never the same. The Cheaters, The Wife, The Revenge is a stunning and exciting debut, and the first of a trilogy.

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About the Author

After Verona J. Knight finished this book, “I still had more to say so I kept going into the second book, The Cheaters, The Mistress, Her Story. I finished the second and moved on to the third, The Cheaters, The Husband, The Payback. This way I could have all three sides of the story told.”