My Boyfriend the Squire by Tracy Kauffman

978-1-62212-419-0-TKauffmanCoverAbout the Book

On her way to see her brother in Italy, Lucinda takes an unexpected trip back in time to the Middle Ages.

A magic wish has turned King Charlemagne’s wife, Countess Hildegarde, into a tiger and caused their lovely daughter, Princess Grace, to suddenly disappear. When the Countess prays for her and her daughter’s deliverance, she receives an answer in the form of a young girl from Alabama who happens to look exactly like the missing princess.

In her role to help the royal family, Lucinda is taught to act like the Princess while she tries to find out what happened to the real Princess Grace. But when she meets a Squire in training and falls for him, Lucinda realizes there are things more complex than “just” being a princess.

My Boyfriend the Squire is a time travel romance for the ages.

About the Author

Tracy KauffmanTracy Kauffman is a registered nurse in Decatur, Alabama. “My books are written about the South, and I believe it is important to keep part of your heritage in your books.” Her other works are Southern Adventures, Richard the Lionheart, and Gwendolyn’s Wish.