Wreckage by TJ

About the Book

Wreckage fundamentally encourages readers to have faith in the Almighty God always.


This literary composition emerged from scenes like Secondary School disorder caused by unknown reasons or peer pressure or both for the sake of gaining artificial recognition where academic success continued to elude the participants. This assembly also applies in the adult equivalent, with the exception of success being achieved with faith in God Almighty who blesses beyond measure which explained the dance segment in the last chapter.

Time period

Between 1981 and 2012.

About the Author

During my teenage years I always enjoyed reading, playing, fixing damaged televisions the best I could, the Secondary School holidays were also enjoyed very much. Playing with friends was also very much enjoyed. Now with music, this went without saying, listening to music and or dancing were two exercises that were found to be relaxing. Sense of responsibility was also equally enjoyed especially with two consecutive School Prefect appointments between 1983 and 1988, it imposed lots of responsibility which covertly defined me in terms of the sense of responsibility that is now visible in daily endeavours.

Wreckage emerged fundamentally from faith in Almighty God, which practising Christians are tasked to convey. Wreckage also emerged from the desire to examine how creativity can be conveyed without restrictions, especially as I enjoy being able to pursue creative projects in view of the latitude that is attached under this heading, which unfortunately does not apply in offices to the full extent this project has offered.

Wreckage hopefully will entertain, inform, inspire and equip other potential writers, enthusiasts, academics, and every reader generally with resources to apply changes to their situations, where necessary for their general betterment, especially as this production demonstrates to an extent that there are other directions in transit, one approach may have worked retrospectively, but that does not mean the same direction will always work. It is hoped that as readers wander through this production direction will become apparent as we all continue in our respective journeys.

Writing equips writers or potential writers with the latitude to travel as fast or as slow as is necessary without immediate criticism, scolding, sanctions or need to apply caution in terms of office policies and or culture, it’s just the writer and the plain sheet of paper in the study, so it’s down to the question of will the writer create or will the sheet remain blank? Filling blank sheets is not necessarily the essence of this message, essentially writers’ have to strive to captivate the audience within their visual range otherwise the purpose will be defeated if the audience is not responding to the author’s message[s].

Finally the need to configure plots and scenes as set by rigid sequences also does not apply and this resource is very much enjoyed, it’s just perfect for composition.

Wreckage highlights Science, technology, engineering and elements from Law in the English Jurisdiction, hence my career is as reflected, one element focuses on the combination stated and the other being engineering incorporates the same elements.