God’s Crusader by Stephen M. Glover

About the Book

Mark Down is an assassin. He has been for years and is very good at his job. But a stupid slip up gets him killed.

Astonishingly, he goes to heaven and is met by God. It seems Mark is a Knight Templar and God sends him back to continue his work, but with one condition: He is not to kill anyone!

Mark chases a group of terrorists from London to The Midlands and on to the Peak District. From there they lead him to Egypt and back to South Africa, where his killing career started.

In tracking the terrorists, he meets Miriam, an agent for Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence Service. Together they follow the terrorists and try to stop them. Will God’s Crusader succeed?

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About the Author

Author Stephen M. Glover is from Wiltshire, England.