Geo-Shifting: Social Cause Games by Stephen C. Simms Sr.

About the Book

Geo-Shifting: Social Cause Games is a stunning political novel that takes its inspiration from real-life events.

Following the senseless death of Trayvon Martin in Florida, four political science majors from Morehouse College in Atlanta are bent on carrying out the wishes of the “99 percenters.” These black students set out to literally change the law and the government. Their aim is to end police profiling, achieve financial fairness, and stop America from policing the world.

The activists come up with a “Social Plan,” invent two sports, and attempt to organize a global event called Social Cause Games that would transform the social conscience of the planet. Can these students really have an impact on society?

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About the Author

Originally from Miami, Stephen C. Simms Sr. now lives with his wife in North Carolina. After six years as a middle and high school teacher, he recently completed his MBA. He wanted this novel to show how a group of “average Joes” could fight corporate corruption and win. The author hopes to write a suspense thriller next.