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Breaking Tracks

How do you keep yourself “on track” when everything in your life seems to be slipping away?

Samantha Porter has had a settled, contented life for 28 years with her husband and first love, Karl. The first ripple in her life takes place on a trip, when she finds herself attracted to a man 12 years her junior. Her safe track is rocked, but Sammy remains faithful. The first real break in her life comes when she is sexually assaulted. Afterward, she discovers her husband has been having a long-term affair with her best friend.

Can Sammy withstand these massive life changes or will her life be derailed? Pick up Breaking Tracks today and you won’t be able to put it down.

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978-1-62212-713-9-SJohnsonCoverClouds of Guilt: A sequel to Breaking Tracks

In this sequel to Breaking Tracks, a year has passed and Sammy Porter is settled in Portugal with her boyfriend Angelo, until one night a telephone call starts a series of events that cause Sammy to be overwhelmed by guilt. She has to make a choice between family duty and her love for her Portuguese man. Trying to combine both, she encounters discrimination, resentment, violence and deceit. Can she care for her family and keep her love?

As events move along, a new man becomes attracted to her, and at the same time, a young Portuguese woman makes it clear that she intends to take Angelo from Sammy. A tough fight ensues.

Just like the first book Breaking Tracks, you will want to keep turning the pages to find out more about Sammy’s life and how she deals with her Clouds of Guilt in this compelling story of love, devotion, and betrayal.

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About the Author

Sally Hope Johnson is an author and human resources manager. She is married, has two grown-up children, and one cat. She writes in her spare time and has produced many short stories, some winning prizes locally and nationally. She is an active member of the Thames Valley Writers’ Circle in Berkshire, England. Her ambition is to write a best seller and win more prizes. Dreams do sometimes come true…