Still Saving: A novel about a family member who hoards

Still Saving is the triumphant story of Agnes Firestone, whose childhood is upended by divorce and death. Her mother, Liandra, begins bringing home many useless items that soon begin to crowd the home. A “goat path” must be made in each room so a person can move from one room to another. Agnes struggles with caring for her mother and her siblings, while balancing education and work.

Will Agnes finally be able to focus on her own life and have everything she worked so hard to achieve? Or will she forever be saving those she loves?

A story about the bond of family, the courage to make one’s own path, and the love that ultimately saves Agnes.

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Abbey’s Still

Abbey’s Still is the story of four women, living in two different eras, who must find empowerment within themselves.

Melissa is a chef traveling back east to finally settle down. She’s looking for independence and success in her own business, although it wouldn’t hurt for her to find love in her life along the way. Eventually, she reunites with her old friend Karen and the two of them open up a restaurant together.

Abbey and Sally are two women living in the 1920s. While they are thrilled by all of the new modern conveniences of the day, they’re not so thrilled with a new set of laws prohibiting alcohol. Abbey’s husband responds by building a still that is found decades later by Melissa and Karen.

Although they are separated by the span of time, there are parallels and similarities in the lives of these four women. Abbey and Sally must fight for power and independence in a repressive era, while Melissa and Karen each struggle to find success, love and fulfillment in their own lives. The two stories interweave in a compelling manner that makes Abbey’s Still a timeless story that is easily relatable to readers of all ages and both sexes.

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About the Author

S. Mary ScottS. Mary Scott grew up in Southern New Jersey and spent most of her adult life living all around the country. Currently she resides in the Finger Lakes area of Western New York. She often uses the area around where she lives as a backdrop for her stories. Her next book will be titled The Shoes.