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The Mereleigh Record Club Cruise of the South Pacific

The Mereleigh Record Club Cruise of the South Pacific captures the thrilling journey taken by a group of friends in their chartered sailing ship. They encounter much more than they bargained for when they become entangled with Japanese fascists on the high seas.

Hunting for lost gold, rescuing survivors on a sinking ship, and being captured by pirates, mark just some of their unexpected adventures.

Fact and fiction are interwoven in this exciting novel based on two historic events. The first involves gold stolen during World War II. Then there’s the curious tale of the Joyita, an island trader found adrift and abandoned in 1955. The merchant vessel’s twenty-five passengers and crew were never found.

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Roy Vaughan draws from his rich experience of covering the South Pacific both as a Pacific affairs journalist for the New Zealand Herald newspaper, and as a public relations officer for the South Pacific Forum, based in Fiji. A former mariner, he spent several years working on merchant ships, at times experiencing third world conditions, which prepared him for the diplomacy and understanding required in his career. The author also set up his own travel company and drafted the concept for the first PACIFICA festival in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Mereleigh Record Club Tour of Japan
Lost in Japan

The Mereleigh Record Club, a group of 60-something-year-old friends from their old rock and roll days, gets a surprise invitation from a similar group in Japan to visit and assist with a charity fund-raising show.

The best-laid plans of the Japanese go astray due to cultural misunderstandings and a case of mistaken identity. Then every parent’s nightmare happens when the entertainer daughter of a friend of a Record Club member goes missing in Japan.

The shadowy hand of the Yakuza crime syndicate is believed to be behind her sudden disappearance, and the faction puts heavy pressure on the record group to cancel its tour of Japan. Will the woman be found alive?

The beat goes on in the thriller The Mereleigh Record Club Tour of Japan: Lost in Japan.

Author Roy Vaughan draws from his personal knowledge of Japan to compile this fast-moving novel. For many years he worked as a journalist covering Japanese affairs for the New Zealand Herald. Many situations and characterizations in his book are drawn from real-life experiences, giving it a high degree of realism.

 The Last of a Salty Breed

Vaughan Cover WebJust as the Romans built roads to create and maintain their empire, so the British ruled the ocean waves with ships, and created the biggest empire the world has seen.

The Last of a Salty Breed tells tales about British ships, seamen, and the many millions of folk who were voluntarily or forcibly shipped to the four corners of the world to create new countries.

This book takes a conventional, chronological narrative interspersed by interludes between the chapters.

They are light-hearted or poignant in nature, in many cases highlighting the high and low points of seafaring, and the harrowing voyages of times past.

The author, a former maritime journalist for the New Zealand Herald and a ship deck officer, adds to the narrative his personal experiences and those of his maritime ancestors, who stretch back to the 1700s.

The main “characters” are ships and prominent seafarers who made history one way or another, from Elizabethan mariners to present time, and include the author’s long family history of seafaring.

“The dual dialogue and the subject a very worthy one, as to my knowledge there is no history of the New Zealand Merchant Navy, only books about ships and individual shipping companies.” – Captain Hamish Ross, editor of “Sea Breezes,” The Worldwide Magazine of Ships and The Sea

“A job very well done. It is important that those of us who sailed in the Merchant Navy over these years leave a record of how life was then and in particular how life at sea was. Your book will be a valuable addition to the history of the MN, but just as importantly paints a picture of your life, your family background, and your experiences of life at sea and ashore.”
Hamish Ross, editor of Britain’s leading shipping magazine


The Mereleigh Record Club Tour of Japan Book Launch

Additional Information

One of Roy Vaughan’s biggest life achievements was to create the World’s largest Polynesian festival, ‘ The Pasifika Festival,’ held annually at Auckland, New Zealand

He drafted the event plan In 1991 at the end of a stint working in the Pacific Islands, and called together a small group of Pacific Island leaders, at Auckland, to form an action group known as SPINDA ( the South Pacific Islands Development Association) to get his plan implemented.

The then Mayor of Auckland, Les Mills, quickly threw Auckland City’s weight behind the plan, and with SPINDA acting as a consultative group for several years, PASIFIKA became a highly popular reality and has established itself as one of New Zealand’s most popular and successful festivals.

In 1994 the event won the Certificate of Achievement from New Zealand Event Management and Marketing for ‘The Outstanding, Achievement Award, Community Relations Catagory’ ‘

His other achievements in staging events included ‘the establishment of a New Zealand Pavilion at ‘The Asia Pacific Expo- Fukuoka, Japan in 1989’, and coordinating two Japan Weeks at Auckland in the late 1980s. The first Japan Week attracted 800 Japanese participants including Galloping Horse Archers and the second, 600 Japanese visitors and featured Fukuoka’s Yamagasa festival Group.