The Story of Everdream: Book 1: The Christmas Witch by Robert L. Welsh

About the Book

Join a little girl named Holly, as she is whisked away on a magical Christmas adventure. The Story of Everdream: Book 1: The Christmas Witch is the first book in the Everdream series. In this enchanting story, Holly meets a fairy while playing in the woods.

The fairy takes Holly to Everdream, a city in the clouds inhabited by magical elves and fairies, who all use their magic to help Santa Claus make Christmas special every year. Everdream is the home to the magical door that is Santa’s only way in and out of the North Pole. Santa’s sister, Jellis Claus, not only hates Christmas, but also dislikes her job helping the elves make toys. Jellis leaves the North Pole to study magic with the gnomes. She becomes a powerful elf witch and returns to Everdream with a demand: “Put me in charge of Christmas or I will forever close the magical door to the North Pole.”

Jellis ends up shutting the door, which traps Santa. Can Holly help the elves and the fairies reopen the magical door to save Christmas? The Story of Everdream is destined to become a new holiday classic.

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About the Author

Robert L. Welsh lives in Charleston, South Carolina. “The two messages I incorporated into this story have been drawn from my life experiences. I was a captain with a major airline, and ‘team work’ is a very important concept in the cockpit. The second message concerns ‘family and relationships,’ which I feel very strongly about.”