The Silver by R. L. Harlan

About the Book

What really happened 35 years ago when a mine cave-in took the life of Alexandria’s husband? The Silver tells the beguiling tale that begins in a silver mine in Mexico, and ends decades later in Pennsylvania.

Alexandria was also trapped in the silver mine collapse that took her young husband’s life, and to this day continues to be haunted by nightmares. She moves to America and settles in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where she learns English and remarries. Alexandria’s daughter, Julia, now grown and with a son of her own, knows that Alexandria was once a widow and how the man died. However, Julia has no idea of the secret that her mother is hiding, because something else happened in that silver mine so many years ago, something that changed Alexandria’s life forever.

This otherwise normal family is about to come to grips with the demons of the past. Something is going to happen that will change them all. Alexandria thought that she had faced her demons, but there is a new battle coming between good and evil. Simply put, The Silver is pure gold.

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About the Author

R. L. Harlan grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the setting for this first book of his Silver trilogy. He says, “I am a person with a lot of stories in my head. I got to the point where I had to start writing them or I felt I would burst.”