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Words of Wisdom and Fire: Thoughts of Encouragement and Motivation

If you978-1-62212-748-1-PMirageCover’re looking for answers, you need to read Words of Wisdom and Fire: Thoughts of Encouragement and Motivation.

A practicing clinician in Washington, D.C. for nearly 20 years, Dr. Phoenix J. Mirage has worked with a wide range of clientele, ranging from the criminally insane to the socially neurotic. His obsession with cultural diversity has led him around the world in a quest to study various cultures so he could learn their lifestyles and psychological approaches for dealing with problems.

His latest book tells how other cultures may have the answers to help us. Armed with the philosophical and spiritual thoughts obtained in his worldwide search, the author hopes to impart the codes we need to govern our everyday lives. Whether you are spiritual in nature or not, it is the author’s hope that these thoughts of encouragement and motivation will assist you on your journey through life.

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Laughter in My Misery: Volume 1 The Raconteur Trilogy

978-1-62212-395-7-PMirageCoverPart 1 of The Raconteur Trilogy consists of eleven stories, each challenging the threshold of a specific genre. The stories cross the boundaries of status quo to defy what audiences have become accustomed to expect from a particular style of writing.

In the beginning, a little girl of low socioeconomic status matches wits with the so-called university elite, bringing them to their knees after having discovered the true essence of wisdom and knowledge.

The stories continue to excite and challenge, as each character’s actions give new meaning to the words vengeance and retribution.

The book ends with a man who reaches the height of the papacy, only to lose it all when he consciously refuses the path to redemption in the hope that God would turn a blind eye to his unrighteous deeds.

The stories take place in Spain, Rome, Jamaica, America, and Australia, while the time frame spans 1945 to 2011, capturing each era and bringing it to life.

See why Laughter in My Misery is like no other book, as it dares to cross the boundaries of genres.

You’re a Touch of Class and the Fulfillment of My Grace

Mirage_Cover_WebYou’re a Touch of Class and the Fulfillment of My Grace: A volume of romantic and provocative poetry that will take your breath away is a long title for a poetry collection with a simple message.

Love – in all its forms – makes the world go round.

This wonderful poetry collection pulls no punches and is definitely NOT politically correct.

The author’s previous books include Laughter in My Misery: Volume 1 The Raconteur Trilogy, Words of Wisdom and Fire: Thoughts of Encouragement and Motivation, Part 1and 2 of the Raconteur Trilogy will be coming out soon after the release of You’re a Touch Of Class and the Fulfillment of My Grace.

As the title says, this is a “volume of romantic and provocative poetry that will take your breath away.”

The collection is romantic, yet at the same time it’s exotic, socially defiant, and psychologically filling.

The poems focus on social and political arenas as well. It boldly goes and expresses where most writers are afraid to tread. It’s honest, and makes no attempts to stifle the truth with political correctness.

See for yourself why it is what it is, and let your heart and conscience be the judge.

About the Author

Dr. Phoenix J. Mirage

Phoenix J. Mirage was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and came to the United States as a child to study. He grew up in America and became a clinical psychoanalyst, and now lives between the U.S. and Jamaica. His pen names include Jude McCoy, Ricardo Henry, and Sebastien Dumas.