Dreams in Stone by Phil Suggitt

978-1-62212-886-0-PSuggittCoverAbout the Book

Dreams in Stone is a thought-provoking and fast-paced novel that shows how people see the past in different ways and explains that the decisions we make today will change the future.

Alec De Groot is an archivist and researcher for a regional newspaper. He lacks ambition, unlike his girlfriend and colleague, Trisha Shastri, a junior reporter. They are amazed when Alec inherits Stratwick Hall, a Tudor manor house.

Alec decides to spend his summer vacation at the hall, with Trish joining him on weekends. The couple’s arrival creates a stir in the small and conservative village, especially as Alec is of mixed race, and Trisha has an Asian background. Stratwick Hall has character, but most of the estate has been sold and the building is run down, needing a huge investment.

One night Alec discovers mysterious objects and perplexing, potentially sinister events on and around a tiny island in a shrouded grove on the grounds. Soon it becomes clear that the Hall has a strange and unconventional history.

Trisha and Alec disagree over the future of the Hall, unaware that many of the local villagers have very different development plans in mind. In a clash of ideas and dreams, past and present, something has to give.

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About the Author

Born in Sherwood, Nottingham, Phil Suggitt now lives in Ware, Hertfordshire. He has written a previous novel, Shadow and Substance, and has been a teacher, education adviser and author of numerous educational books. In addition, he has worked as a pop music journalist and as an illustrator, cartoonist, and pork pie maker.