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Death on Zinc Mountain: A Novel of
Environmental Mayhem and Murder

What is really happening at Zinc Mountain? When Western Wyoming Land Management Company (LMC) plans a zinc and gold mine on its tract of 18,000 acres there, mysterious deaths begin occurring.

Jim DeVries, a South African mining geologist, goes undercover at LMC after he is sent by his former employer, Transvaal Mining, to find out what LMC is really after on Zinc Mountain. Transvaal suspects LMC of exploiting some rich deposits of ytterbium, a promising new semiconductor metal.

Meanwhile, LMC’s environmental officer Molly Berensen stumbles onto a drilling fraud involving a half million dollars. Someone is now trying to eliminate Molly, permanently. DeVries and Molly work together to determine why there is Death on Zinc Mountain. This stunning story of Environmental Mayhem and Murder will keep you guessing.

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978-1-62212-613-2-PAmesCoverLegacy of a Trogan

Doctor David Cooper is studying birds in a Mexican rainforest when he collects a Collared Trogon, a species of bird that is rare in that region. The bird falls between the buttress roots of a large tree. As David reaches down to pick it up, he cuts his hand on a sharp object imbedded in a root. With the help of his camp assistant, he digs the object out and finds that it is a shiny metal cube.

Back at camp, he discovers that the weight of the cube is ten times that of an equivalent volume of uranium, the heaviest known stable metal. He calls a professor friend and is directed to a specialist in Fort Collins, Colorado.

In Colorado, David comes under the protection of Rocky Mountain Investigations, under an FBI contract. But things go dramatically off course when the specialist is suddenly murdered and the cube stolen. With the help of two of RMI’s investigators, David learns the probable location of his cube and pursues it, running afoul of a Mexican crime boss and nearly losing his life in the process. Will David succeed in avoiding danger and turning the tables on the criminals who have stolen the cube? Find out in the compelling conclusion of Legacy of a Trogon.

978-1-62516-418-6-PAmesCoverThe Feather and Other Tales from Pembina County

This intriguing collection of eleven short stories The Feather and Other Tales from Pembina County centers on Homer Swensen, the sheriff of Pembina County, North Dakota, who combines his interest in birds with his profession of solving crimes. In these stories, Homer faces a variety of crimes that most of us could not even contemplate.

In the story “The Feather,” the sheriff is confronted by a bank robbery committed by a pair of men who have baffled the FBI on six previous robberies. Homer finds a pinkish feather in the grill of a car and recognizes it as coming from a hybrid population of the Northern Flicker, unique to eastern North Dakota, which allows him to identify the thieves.

In “Excalibur,” he traces a three-hundred-year-old Amati violin to a Duluth gangster unjustly accused of murder. In “Sylvia,” he is pursued by a divorcee who hopes to entrap him through his interest in nature.

Homer nearly falls victim to the mushroom poison that has killed a mycologist – a scientist who studies fungi – in the story “Amanita.” And in “The Ice Woman,” a woman’s body is found frozen solid after two nights in subzero weather. She was strangled by someone using Homer’s scarf, so he works with the coroner to unravel her last hours and identify the real killer.

About the Author

Dr. Peter L. Ames

Peter L. Ames earned his degree in architecture at Harvard, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in ornithology at Yale. “With a scientific background and 40 years of experience as a consulting environmental scientist, I have a lot to draw on for plots.” This is his fourth book. He now lives in Colombia.