Non – and Other Sense By Peter Heinz Wendt

About the Book

Where “a picture says a thousand words,” a poem may replace a thousand pages. Such is the case with the new book of poetry Non – and Other Sense.

The magic of poetry comes alive through its tone, association, and rhythm. Life experience enters poetry in subtle ways. Since we color everything with our own experiences, a book of poetry’s impact on us is just as unique as our differences and our prevailing mood.

Non – and Other Sense is a personal book of poetry that seeks to entertain, stimulate, provoke, and be shared. Most of all, it needs to be read again and again so we can understand its multiple layers of meaning.

About the Author

Peter Heinz Wendt grew up in Berlin during the height of the Cold War. He now teaches classical piano in Canberra, Australia. “On migrating to Australia in 1973, I discovered very quickly that writing is an ideal medium to learn a language. Thus my book has grown one word at a time. I am 66 years of age. It is not my age, but the age we live in that is pertinent to my poetry.”