Drumming and Dancing to Doom by Paul de Kanff

About the Book

Set in Ghana and England, Drumming and Dancing to Doom is a culturally rich novel about two performance artists from Kumasi, Ghana. Follow the adventures of Tee-Te and Julius, childhood friends, who are now 26 years old and journey an exciting path of artistic endeavors and challenges.

Tee-Te is a handsome and gifted performer who is a master drummer, accomplished dancer, director, choreographer and writer. He is always the center of attraction and is a ladies’ man. Julius is the sensible one. Although timid, he comes alive on stage where he performs as a master drummer and a dancer.

The two men travel to research the practice of voodoo at a fetish village in Benin, where one of the priest’s 13 wives falls in love with Tee-Te. He and Julius must escape before they are sacrificed to the gods. Tee-Te then has an experience in England that changes his life forever. Drumming and Dancing to Doom could also change your life!

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About the Author

Paul de Kanff grew up in Ghana and now lives in London, where he is a retired post office letters manager. He was motivated to write Drumming and Dancing to Doom by the arrival of South African’s Epitome troupe and other African cultural groups to England in the 1970s. He is writing his next novel.