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Bury the Ghost

A terrible tsunami struck the idyllic South Pacific islands the afternoon Carla Kennedy and Daniel Briggs made love for the first time. The skiff they’d been rowing across the bay on their way home from school had broken into countless pieces, but Carla had managed to cling tightly to a small piece of its timber decking in her desperate struggle to survive, refusing to surrender it even after she’d been rescued. She woke, bewildered and lost, suffering amnesia and, unknown to her at the time, pregnant.

An elderly couple, Joshua and Hazel Kaplan, volunteer workers in the aftermath of the disaster, took pity on her, opening their hearts and home to the teenager. In time, she became Rebecca Kaplan, and was lovingly cared for by her surrogate parents who educated her and willingly filled the role of grandparents to her baby daughter, Jenna.

Daniel searched endlessly for his love, hurt and angry at his mother’s admonition to, “Bury the ghost and get on with your life.” He moved to Australia to study medicine and, even though he eventually married and had a family, he was constantly haunted by memories of his childhood sweetheart.

Bury The Ghost follows the lives of these two young people and their battles to cope after being so tragically separated.

9781628571035Huckle.inddMystery Celebration

Surviving the London Blitz Takes a Lad to Australia in Epic Novel

With the sirens blaring, a terrified orphan dives into an underground bomb shelter during the London Blitz. So begins this true-to-life novel that takes readers from Joseph Beresford’s early childhood in war-torn London, to his years in a Catholic orphanage, and on to life in Australia.

After workers find the terrified young boy in the bomb shelter, Joseph spends a few months at the orphanage before being transported with other children by ship to Australia to survive the war. The resourceful lad escapes when he is 14, and goes on to work an assortment of jobs until he stumbles upon his ticket to financial success.

Joseph spends every waking moment amassing his fortune, but ends up alone with no one to inherit his millions. Once upon a time he fell in love with a woman he could never have, and is now searching for any children he has fathered. Will Joseph be able to make his life have meaning? This historical novel touches on the tragedies of war, survival, and long-lost love.

9781631356858-Perfect.inddThe Quiet Achiever

“The bastard’s trying to kill me,” Joel said, as the huge SUV came at him at speed. The heavy bull bars crashed into the rear of his vehicle. His old Toyota took off like a rocket, nose first, doing a complete somersault as it careened off the mountain. He had the crazy image of moon, stars, black mountainside, rocks and water as the vehicle bounced and tumbled its way to wedge itself at a precarious angle where it rocked gently for a few seconds before continuing its downward journey, ending with a sudden jolt. The windscreen shattered millions of diamonds spraying his face and body. The last thing he saw, before he received a horrendous knock on the head, was the bonnet of his vehicle flying through the air.

When Joel took the call on that sweltering morning, he had no idea what was in store. It’s been six years since Denise, the love of his life, dumped him. Now she’s missing and he’s been asked to find her. To top it off, someone is trying to kill him.

In this true-to-life mystery, readers are shown the lives of a missing woman, members of the police, the good, the bad, the downright evil people Joel Lester must deal with, and friendships formed in true New South African style.

About the Author

author_photoPatricia Huckle was born and educated in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, but spent most of her life in Cape Town. “After being widowed, I took up residence in Australia, where I resumed my love affair with the pen. I now have a new partner with whom I travel the world, and our home is on the beautiful Gold Coast.”