Ockie Octopus Learns to Love Himself by PaDaFaBooks

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Ockie Octopus Learns to Love Himself

Take it from a sad and lonely octopus named Ockie – self-respect means embracing who you are – even if it’s with eight arms!

Ockie Octopus feels sad and lonely when no one in the ocean wants to play with him. To attract friends, Ockie changes his color and shape so he will look like the other sea creatures. Unfortunately, Ockie’s plan backfires and the others just swim away and hide from him. So what new plan could Ockie possibly have up his eight sleeves? Read the charming children’s book Ockie Octopus Learns to Love Himself and you’ll find out.

When Ockie meets Terry, a wise old sea turtle, Terry tells Ockie that we are all here for a special reason and advises Ockie to just be himself. Will Ockie take his advice? This lovingly illustrated story teaches us all some lessons about empowerment and about embracing who we really are.

The Ockie Octopus E-Workbook for educators accompanies the story and is available below. The workbook features four weekly programs with crafts, experiments, indoor/outdoor activities, and facts about ocean creatures and their environment.

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Ockie Octopus E-Workbook

The Ockie Octopus E-Workbook was designed to assist child-care educators, parents and carers plan a variety of activities to cover a four-week program for children of varying ages and interests. The PaDaFa authors have used the story of Ockie Octopus Learns to Love Himself as a basis for the Ockie Octopus E-Workbook which includes: printable, fun-filled, weekly programs with indoor and outdoor activities, crafts, scientific experiments, coloring pages, information on other countries and customs, learning about the sea environment, saying simple words in other languages, asking questions and holding discussions – and most importantly, imparting the secrets of how to choose to love yourself. The Ockie Octopus E-Workbook will give invaluable help to child-care educators, parents and carers who are contributors to a child’s mental, physical and emotional growth. The Ockie Octopus E-Workbook has been used and trialed in both home and child care centres with resounding success!

Read a sample of the Ockie Octopus E-Workbook.

About the Authors

The PaDaFa children’s books and accompanying E-Workbooks are the collective creation of: Pa – Julie Palmer – art illustrator; Da – Jan Daniels – story and poem writer; and Fa – Michelle Farrell – E-Workbook creator. The collaborators live in Australia and are working on several other books.