Lightning Man by Noah F. Bunyan

About the Books


Lightning Man #3

In this third edition of the Lightning Man series, Bob Spark and his dog Sparky discover there is more to the new vet than meets the eye! To defeat their latest foes, they must recruit a new teammate, Lightning Cat. Can they outwit the villain who turns friendly pets into vicious monsters? Read Lightning Man #3 to see if good prevails over evil. Working together the Lightning team overcomes evil villains to keep our world safe.



Lightning Man #4

What could possibly match up with Lightning Man #1, Lightning Man #2, or Lightning Man #3? Why, Lightning Man #4, of course!

Hot off the presses, this fourth book in the Lightning Man children’s book series features Bob Spark as he meets – hear the trumpets blowing – Metal Man. He and his super allies use a bit of technology and science to overcome the malicious villain Metal Man before Noahville is magnetized by doom.

Once again, Lightning Man, Lightning Dog, and Lightning Cat must prevail over evil and save the day.

About the Author

Noah F. BunyanThirteen-year-old Noah F. Bunyan is currently in eighth grade at DoDDS Lester Middle School in Okinawa, Japan. He has done book signings in Hawaii, Okinawa, and has been a presenter at Comic Con Okinawa. The author enjoys writing and drawing, and has three more books coming out in the Lightning Man series. He would like to thank his Uncle Tim Armstrong and cousin Patrick Semonelli for being Marine Corps officers and fighting evil villains in real life.