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The Fabulous Fanshaws Book Two: The Return to Lendorth

The Fanshaw Family has descended from a long line of knights, but has fallen upon hard times.

Walter is married to Gertrude and they have two children, Rupert and Geraldine. In the first book of the series, the Fanshaws find themselves transported into a parallel universe, where once again Walter is a knight in shining armour. But in this parallel world, the people have advanced technology while living in a medieval environment.

In Book Two, the children once again find themselves back in the world called Lendorth, and experience many adventures, including the discovery of an underworld group of people who had been hidden for many years.

Back home again, the family decides the only way to tell their story is to create a TV series, since otherwise no one would ever believe their strange stories!

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Michael Rosenberg began work as a messenger boy in London for a merchant bank. Fifteen years later, he was appointed to the board of directors. He later co-founded a healthcare services business that became a global business. He was involved in media and in TV for many years, and was an executive producer on a number of films. The author was awarded the OBE for services to exports, mainly relating to Asia, where he led a number of trade missions to encourage trade. In recent years, he has been a consultant and director for a number of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. This is his eighth book, but until recently only wrote for young children.

Chilly the Lost Polar Bear

A delightful story for the entire family, Chilly the Lost Polar Bear is an engaging and lively reading experience. When Douglas and his family travel to South Africa on holiday, his beloved toy polar bear, Chilly, falls out of the suitcase onto the luggage carousel! Chilly’s colorful adventure begins when another little boy finds him and Chilly is taken on a safari. Chilly, prone to getting lost, falls out of a Land Rover and ends up in a prickly bush! Suddenly, an elephant comes along and carries Chilly away to safety. Will Chilly be reunited with Douglas? How does he get back to the little boy who cherishes him? Follow the exciting and heartfelt journey in Chilly the Lost Polar Bear.

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Chilly Goes To Hong Kong And China

Chilly Goes To Hong Kong And ChinaThis is the second book following the adventures of Chilly the toy polar bear . Chilly belongs to Douglas who has a habit of losing his favorite toy when he goes on his travels with his parents. This story traces the journey of Chilly first to Hong Kong ,where he accidentally falls overboard from the famous Star Ferry . He lands in a fishing boat and falls into the smelly fish. The boat takes him to mainland China and there he finds a local Chinese boy who rescues him. Then he travels with his new friend though China to look for some panda bears. They find them in Beijing in a zoo there. By chance Chilly’s family are visiting the same zoo so they are reunited once again. Chilly learns about china and how they use chopsticks to eat and is amazed to find he can talk to the panda bears.

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The Fabulous Fanshaws of Clapham

Rosenberg Cover WebThe Fabulous Fanshaws of Clapham are led by the head of the family, known as Walter, who can trace his lineage back through the centuries to when his ancestors were knights of the realm. Unfortunately the family fortunes have disappeared. They now live in a semi-detached council house and Walter works as a garage attendant. Every day he dreams of restoring their fortunes and his pride, and one day his life changes forever.

The story takes him and his family into a parallel universe, where once again he is a knight in shining armour, but this time around it is in a world that has embraced modern technology. The Fanshaws have numerous adventures and become heroes once again.

Chilly Goes To Peru

Join Chilly and his family on an action packed adventure in Peru!
They learn all about the fascinating Inca Empire and spot amazing animals such as anacondas, botos, and piranhas.
But, before long, Chilly and his family are separated and he is taken by the spectacled bears.
How will he escape the rainforest and find them again?


Chilly goes to Australia

Chilly the intrepid toy polar bear is always getting into trouble whenever he travels with Douglas who looks after him. Somehow he seems to get separated from his family and encounters many adventures before he finds himself reunited again. Previously he has been on a safari in Africa and was rescued by a friendly elephant after falling out of the truck . Then he went to Hong Kong and fell off the ferry into a fishing boat and ended up in Beijing in china. Now he finds himself captured by some Australian dingoes and carried off to their camp. They realise he is not a very tasty thing to eat since he is only a toy and with the help of a kangaroo they manage to return him to his family once again. He also learnt a lot about the aborigines who were the original inhabitants of Australia.