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Defenseman: A Hockey Player’s Story

The story of defenseman Steve Tomassini extends beyond the thrill of hitting a hockey puck into a net. It travels deeper, into the spirit and camaraderie of his hockey teammates and into the fragile mind of his beleaguered brother, who is battling mental illness.

Steve Tomassini is more than a local business owner. He is a dedicated athlete whose gifts portend a promising future in the world of professional hockey. Steve’s success as a talented defenseman for Boston University’s hockey team appears to be in stark contrast to the trajectory his brother’s life is taking. While brother Tony, a Boston University graduate, shares Steve’s courage and determination, his efforts are focused on salvaging his battered and bruised life. After cycling in and out of mental institutions, Tony heroically confronts his personal challenges and resolves to win.

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978-1-62516-390-5-MMaloniCoverPenn State Blue!

Penn State Blue! is a rousing football novel that takes place at Penn State University, known for its strong academics, its football team and long-time coach.
Bob Ricks plays a hunch after being heavily recruited by several warm weather schools. He meets with Penn State Coach Sal Almorretti, and is told what he most wants to hear: “We can win a championship with you.”

This is a situation Bob has dreamed of all his life. Other schools promised him personal glory, trophies like the Heisman, but Coach Sal hits a bull’s-eye!

This novel began as a tribute for the honorable work of a brilliant, long-lasting college football program under one of the most pleasantly ambitious coaches ever, Joe Paterno. The news-making scandal broke when the book was nearly completed.

The story ended up as a novel of tribute and healing for the kids who play Penn State football and have continued on with the fine learning institution that is Penn State.
“As a Boston University graduate, it has always been a great dream of mine to write and photograph Penn State football. I hope this book helps a well-deserving student body and a school that that has proudly stood behind its football and other programs at Penn State University.”

About the Author

Michael J. MaloniMichael J. Maloni is a full-time writer and photographer now living in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. He managed to achieve his dreams despite having mental illness. He credits the city of Boston, which taught him much about life, and his academic nurturing. He is a graduate of Boston University, after attending Northeastern University and Keene State College. He majored in journalism with a concentration in photojournalism, and minored in sociology. “This taught me to bring the world home! That is why I write.”

Michael J. Maloni is also the author of Shortstop: Where Grace and Power Collide!

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