The Augurspell Mystery

by Matthew Van Vlack

About Book 1

The end of the world isn’t nigh…it’s high! And the fate of all humanity rests in the hands of five Los Angeles stoners — like literally, dude! These reluctant heroes were chosen by the Virgin Mary herself, and entrusted with the Augur, the world’s most powerful object. It’s been stolen from a secret vault beneath the Vatican, by a magical thief hired by the Holy Mother and the Norse god Odin.

When the Augur suddenly activates itself everyone from Homeland Security, to paramilitary Jehovah’s Witnesses, to Seventh-day Adventists, to a gun-toting Templar priest from the Vatican, descends upon an L.A. medical marijuana dispensary called O.H.M. looking for it. Terrified, confused and maybe just a bit stoned, our unlikely heroes must unlock the secret of the Augur before all Hell really breaks loose.

Trading OHM is the first part of the Augurspell Mystery, a satirical urban fantasy epic that challenges modern man’s terror of a self-made Armageddon. No political, religious or social institution is left unscathed by the unleashing of the enigmatic Augur and the hapless heroes, dictatorial villains and questionable protectors who cross continents, timelines, basic human decency and every government on Earth, to save humanity from the one force against which it has absolutely no hope…itself.

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About Book 2

The Wyrd War has begun! Just hours after the climactic battle took place in Trading OHM, Charlie, Tracey, Rita, and Ian are on the run. This time it’s an evil archbishop, a corrupt U.S. senator, a Norse god of fire, a neo-Nazi death cult, and the world’s most evil secret society who are chasing them. But now the Augur isn’t the only prize, as the heroes learn there are four other powerful artifacts needed to rule mankind.

In this second installment of The Augurspell Mystery, new and lost friends, old enemies, a secret intelligence agency, and immortal powers come to the aid of the intrepid heroes. The hit woman Claudia, the enigmatic Father Agosto, a second mysterious Templar priest, and a magical night-dwarf join the young heroes’ side as this weirdest of Wyrd Wars goes global.

From the sands of Death Valley to Cardiff in Wales, from the mesas of New Mexico to Castle Wewelsburg in Germany, from the remote mountains of Peru to the venerated halls of Vatican City, werewolves, Valkyrie, and motorcycle-riding Vikings join the fight to save humanity.

If this isn’t enough to rock the world, Pony Macreedy, the most stoned of the stoners, is now the Pope. That’s right, dudes! The Holy Father is now the high Holy Father! So, buckle your proverbial seatbelt as you trip back in time to witness a terrible betrayal more than two thousand years old in the Toke of the Templar.

About the Author

Author Matthew Van Vlack weaves a modern-day fairy tale like nothing else you’ve ever read before. Like the Brothers Grimm in their day, this urban fantasy throws aside any preconceived notions of politics, government, morality and who truly holds the power in society. the whole of the Augurspell Mystery series is a satirical epic and modern-day fantasy that was written to expose the hypocrisy of America’s pop cultural obsession with apocalyptic and governmental conspiracies, while making you laugh as hard as you can. He lives in Southern California.

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