To Color a Warrior by Matt Oppenheim, Ph.D.

About the Book

John Wiggins is a 17-year-old who enjoys painting as much as riding his motorcycle in the Australian bush. In this coming of age story, John finds his spiritual path through a life of adventure, as he literally helps create a new world.

During a global depression, John meets Dr. Wu, an economics professor devoted to environmental activism and mystical Chinese screen painting. Hiking in the mountains, John, Dr. Wu and a group of friends swim to an island in the middle of a lake, camping near an ancient Aboriginal cave. With the stars overhead, John awakens to an experience of the universe that changes his life forever.

He later joins Dr. Wu in rural India where an “eco-city” is emerging, but corrupt officials attack the city and the two escape back to Australia. They begin a new social movement, built on the dream of a world where people live in harmony, much like the Aborigines. John transforms from an unsure teenager into a strong, confident, spiritual warrior for planet Earth. To Color a Warrior will change your world, too.

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It inspires us with hope for the future of our planet, humanity and all living things.” – Dada Maheshvarananda, author

A deeply ecological, spiritual, and visionary story, hinting at a world of greater justice and meaning, leaving the reader with a longing for a spiritual quest of their own.” – Andy Douglas, adjunct English professor, University of Iowa

About the Author

Author Matt Oppenheim completed his PhD focusing on transformation in a Mayan community. A former monk, he was the founding principal of an alternative school in the Australian bush. He teaches anthropology at universities and is a consultant for youth social justice, service learning and community leadership.