ONE by Mary Carol Breckenridge

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Book of Enlightenment: Find Oneness with God & Your Inner Self

If you are looking for the key words that describe this amazing book, try: Inner Reflection, Spiritual Growth and Awakening, Heightened Awareness, Inspiration, Connecting with God, Relationships, Oneness, Unity Consciousness, Enlightenment, Meditation Guide, and Transformation. It’s all here and more. Purchase ONE today!

ONE presents our evolution to higher levels of spiritual awareness in a graceful format that offers knowledge of unity consciousness and our Oneness with All. ONE clarifies our transformation to a more evolved way of perceiving reality from a heightened state of awareness while serving as a doorway to further enlightenment and advanced levels of being. ~ “Unity consciousness is the Oneness of Love and Light. It is Source energy. It is our natural state.”

ONE is a remarkable achievement. Every page is one to dwell on. It would be a great meditation guide and should be used as a text in courses on spiritual awakening and transformation everywhere.” ~ Samuel C. Dysart Jr., retired marketing executive highly regarded for his insightful evaluations and his writing acumen

ONE is filled with spiritual Truth that will touch, move and inspire the reader to connect with the omnipresence of God. Every page offers a wonderful opportunity for reflection and spiritual growth.” ~ Rev. Blaine Tinsley, Unity Church of Maui

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About the Author

Mary Carol BreckenridgeA published writer for over 35 years as a journalist, Mary Carol Breckenridge now enjoys offering her services as a writing consultant for new authors by using her technical, creative, insightful gifts, and copy editing skills. She is blessed with two wonderful daughters and three amazing grandchildren. One family lives in Seattle and the other in Sedona, Arizona. The author lives in Maui, Hawaii, and thrives on the beauty of tropical trees and plants, walking on the beach, and swimming in the warm, clear blue ocean.