Christianomics: Overhaul of the Economy

by Mark Florida

978-1-62212-801-3-MFloridaCoverAbout the Book

Christianomics: Overhaul of the Economy is about applying Christian principles to money matters as well as to outside the box ideas for overhauling the economy. Helping those in need is a cornerstone of the concept.

Says the author, “I deeply believe we should replace income tax with consumption tax on luxuries and move the tax burden to the wealthy. I also have a passion for helping others through the Holy Spirit. I see these as linked, which inspired the title of Christianomics.”
Fair ways to manage taxes is the key. Health care reform as it relates to managing the economy is interlinked and provides positive incentives for individuals, businesses and government to drive economic growth and fairness.

People who will manage from the heart will be our greatest leaders.

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About the Author

Mark Florida grew up in Evergreen, Colorado, where he is now living with his wife of 40 years. Graduating from the Colorado School of Mines in 1975, he worked in the energy industry for 37 years. He has lived and worked in countries all over the world, gaining a world-wide perspective of other cultures and economic structures. He has a passion to write and express his ideas, while glorifying God at the same time. The author believes the timing is right for changing the way we manage the economy and is writing his next book.