The Road to Love

978-1-60693-923-9-LFaustCoverChelsea Walker and Rob Hartman live 1200 miles apart, but they find each other on The Road to Love by Lisa Renee Faust.

The survivor of an abusive first husband and a loveless second marriage, Chelsea reaches a point where life has to change. She leaves her husband and her job and then takes the bold step of trying out an online dating site.

It is there that she meets Rob, a wealthy man with a high stress career. Rob has been missing the part of life that makes it worth living, and is on the verge of giving up.

Chelsea and Rob are both looking for something, and if they can overcome the distances between them, unexpected trage

dy and their own fears, they might just find a way to cherish their “happily ever after” in this sweep-you-off-your-feet romance.

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Twisted Ivy


Marissa Parker is a divorced, single mom of two in her mid thirties. She also happens to own two of the most successful bars in South Jersey. Her professional life keeps her so busy that her personal life has seriously suffered.

One day Marissa goes out on a limb and joins an online dating site, where she quickly meets Michael Simpson, a 35-year-old self-admitted workaholic. They instantly hit it off and become a couple, but things do not stay peaceful. Ivy is a woman from Michael’s not-so-distant past, and is not pleased that he has replaced her with Marissa. A la Fatal Attraction, Ivy makes it her sole purpose in life to destroy Marissa and everything she loves. If dealing with a crazy ex isn’t enough for Marissa, she also has to deal with the loss of the most important person in her life.

Will fate deliver her another hard blow or will she find her happily ever after? Romance and tragedy come together in an ending that you’ll never see coming.

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Heart of a Stone

Heart Of a Stone is the story of survivors … in life and in love. This inspiring story of love, loss, and rebuilding shows how strong the human spirit can be.

Lily Stone is a 28-year-old woman running a ranch for domestic abuse survivors that she took over after her mother’s death. Lily struggles with the enormity of her responsibilities and lives to help other women, while largely ignoring her own emotional needs. Her secret escape is bartending every Friday at a biker bar where she can mindlessly pour drinks, enjoy loud music, and do some flirting with her customers.

Everything changes one night when she meets a handsome man whom she has an undeniable attraction to. Can Lily continue to play by the rules she’s set up for herself, and keep her heart closed off to everyone other than her family and the women she helps? Or will this new relationship make her lose everything she’s worked so hard for?

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About the Author

Lisa Renee FaustLisa Renee Faust grew up in Mays Landing, New Jersey, on the very lake – Lake Lenape – that she writes about in this book. Five generations of her family have lived in her lake house. This is her second book. Her first, The Road to Love, came out in 2009. She is beginning work on her third novel. “I will continue to write, to make my [late] dad proud, along with my mom, and my three children. I want to leave them a legacy they can be proud of.”