Surviving Heartbreak Valley: Creating Proactive Stalking Self-Defense Strategies: A Unified Approach by Linda Fay Walls

About the Book

A wrenching true tale of loss and redemption, Surviving Heartbreak Valley is the story of a woman who suffers the worst tragedy imaginable but somehow finds the courage to go on with life.

In 1989 Linda Walls had put an abusive relationship behind her, graduated college, and was ready to start a new chapter in life. Then one night she returned home to find her house burning with her four children trapped inside. The children’s father, Bernon Howery, a violent man who stalked Linda following their break-up, had ignited the blaze.

In 1991 he was sentenced to death for his deeds. Linda meanwhile began the difficult process of putting her life back together. Rather than simply drowning in a sea of despair, she dedicated herself to preventing what had happened to her from befalling others. She became an advocate against stalking and domestic violence, conducting seminars and even appearing on Oprah and a Diane Sawyer documentary.

But with Bernon Howery fighting to have his death sentence overturned, Linda’s battle for justice and to establish a new life for herself was far from over. View the Press Release

About the Author

Linda Fay Walls is a first-time author and advocate against domestic violence. A decade on from that tragic night in 1989, she gave birth to her now-teenage daughter and the two of them live happily in Illinois.

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