Guns of Justice by Leonard D. Rawlins

978-1-62516-709-5-LRawlinsCoverAbout the Book

Black Rock, Tennessee, 1882. Sheriff Jake Hudson, once honor-bound by his calling, loses his wife and unborn child to a gang of outlaws. Retiring his badge, he sets out after the men, following the promise to his dying wife that he would avenge her and their unborn baby.

After five months on the trail and no closer to his wife’s killers, Jake meets a rancher and his wife in the small town of Bitter Creek, Texas. He also meets their beautiful daughter, Ronnie. After just a weekend at the ranch, Jake and Ronnie discover they are in love.

The ex-lawman opens up and tells the family about his past, promising Ronnie that he will return. Jake asks the young woman to wait for him. With Ronnie’s promise in his heart, Jake rides off to finish his pursuit of vengeance.

If you love a good shoot-‘em-out Western, you will love Guns of Justice. It’s a Western with a heart.

About the Author

Leonard D. RawlinsLeonard D. Rawlins lives with his family in the small mining town of Carletonville, South Africa, where he is an occupational hygienist. “I have always been captivated by the way the Wild West was won over, and the roles that men like the Earp brothers, Wild Bill Hickock, Billy The Kid, Jesse James, and others like them played in the moulding of the USA during that time period.”