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Akimbo 2

This second book in the Akimbo series recounts the remarkable life of Kim Parrish, a retired Canadian teacher looking back on his life through snippets of poetry and salutes to his travels, taking him to the far corners of the world.

A hockey and football player in his youth, the author once had a pet crocodile. Having survived a stroke and a heart attack, this inspiring journey is a salute to his enduring efforts to beat the odds and live life on his own terms.

After finding love and marriage in China, the author now splits his time between China and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Thought of you, again, last night

And nothing but you, today;

I could feel you there in my heart … so warm

And me, a thousand miles away.

Thought of you again, last night,

And how I looked when I heard your words

from a thousand miles away.

Akimbo 2: A Sowbug’s Life (cont’d) provides an eclectic assortment of pleasurable reading.

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Maynard and Zeke: A Liar’s Playground

Adults will enjoy this highly entertaining, improbable, yet unforgettable satirical romp through a fantasy world that stretches the imagination in all directions.

Maynard and Zeke: A Liar’s Playground is a twisted tale. An intervening narrator manipulates his imaginary twin brother, Maynard, and his foul-mouthed pet zebra, Zeke, through a host of strange adventures. The book is chock full of bizarre characters and features pterodactyls dropping in “time windows” whenever the narrator doesn’t like the direction the book is heading.

Some of the material may offend in language and content. However, all characters, whether animal or human, are fictitious and are meant to be enjoyed to the max. Strap on your seat belts and watch out for fallingtime windows!

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978-1-62857-430-2-KParrishCoverAkimbo: A Sow Bug’s Life (Autobiography- … or part of one)…

The author’s colourful and extraordinary life is recounted in Akimbo: A Sow Bug’s Life (Autobiography or part of one).

This memoir describes Canadian Kim Parrish’s life through a series of his unusual experiences and situations, including owning pet crocodiles, playing pond hockey, living in Iran, enjoying his lifelong teaching career, and surviving a heart attack and a stroke. He states, “The story is not principally about being a stroke survivor, but it sure has had a big impact on my life!” He had to relearn how to walk, and has rebounded slowly but surely.

Kim also tells of finding love and marriage in China, and how he is now splitting his time between Canada’s West Coast (Vancouver) and Beijing, where he devotes much of his time writing.

His inspiring journey is a salute to his enduring efforts to beat the odds and live life on his own terms.

About the Author

Kim ParrishKim Parrish was born in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, and is a high school and college English teacher.