P.O.E.T.R.Y. by Kevan Tyler Parmelee

About the Book

Within these pages is a deep passion for not only saving, but embellishing the beauty of the poetic written word. Here lies a collection of some of the author’s most euphoric and experimental poems.

The poems are written in different styles of verse to show the hidden lure and sheer power of the written word. They are easy to read and cleverly designed to lead you into a newfound appreciation of an art form that seems to be fading from our consciousness.
According to author Kevan Tyler Parmelee, “It is my hope to spark that creative aspect of your mind, and show you just how far the word can really go.”

Read classical poems, post-modernistic poems and conventional poems. There is all this and more in P.O.E.T.R.Y.: Privately Objective Evaluation Through Rhetorical Yearnings Volume 1.

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About the Author

Kevan Tyler Parmelee is a poet, novel, short story, and screenplay writer who lives in Honolulu with his two cats, Leila and Boo. He has written three feature-length screenplays, a short animated screenplay, and is currently working on his first fantasy novel. While writing all of these, he still finds time to pop out poems.