Twisted Gift by Kenyi A. Spencer

About the Book

A new dimension is taking shape in Africa, making urbanization come abnormally fast. Cities are left stunned by the growth and are unable to provide food, shelter, and other necessities. This all leaves the weakest and most vulnerable open for trolling predators.

The situation becomes the pool from which terrorists hire potential assassins; body-part hunters obtain “free” human spare parts; and sex slavers and child traffickers take full advantage of all the chaos. Setting the stage for the perfect disaster, these factors are added to the already poor governance in the Developing World; recurrent wars; uncontrolled population increases; and the inescapable natural calamities.

The story travels from the jungles of Africa to Brazil; to Indonesia, India, Nepal, Lesotho, and South Africa; to China, Belgium, Scotland, Germany, and finally to space, only to end back on Earth with a BANG. Twisted Gift is an out-of-this-world thriller, one that will leave you shocked, yet begging for more. View the Press Release

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About the Author

An author of 12 books, Kenyi A. Spencer is a consultant for the World Bank in South Sudan and writes articles on economics for local newspapers and magazines.