A Pov’s Guide to Engagements and Weddings

by Keith Graham

About the Book

You’ve heard it all before. “We can’t afford to get married.” “We’re waiting until we can save some money.” Ha! You don’t have to be rich to get married, just creative!

A Pov’s Guide to Engagements and Weddings is the second book in the Pov’s Guide series, which feature a collection of creative and hilarious ideas geared toward the “cheapskate” in all of us. Pov (from the word poverty) means poor, cheap and unable to afford luxuries. But this doesn’t mean that you still can’t plan a nice engagement and wedding if you don’t have the big bucks.

After the success of author Keith Graham’s first book, A Pov’s Guide to Overseas Travel, he realized that there are other topics that could use the pov treatment, like weddings! Getting married can bankrupt you, or be the making of your marriage. Take a clue from these humorous tongue-in-cheek tips on how you too can get hitched without having to be rich!

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